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01 March 2012, 1958
OK, I just got permission from ElMotoMater (thanks!!) to post about this.
Ford Motor Company is looking for summer interns to work in the HEV /PHEV/ EV Research and Engineering areas, in Dearborn MI.
I don't have all the details about the actual positions yet. as things are kinda fluid. Resumes end up getting circulated around (Like Nuts & Volts)

The pay is good. When I was an intern 10 yrs ago, I made $29/hr.

Including a link in your resume to any of your builds that demonstrate your talent is a huge plus. It doesn't have to be an elmoto link, but it should demonstrate that you can undertake projects in hardware and make it work.

So, If your a engineering student or a recent grad and your interested, PM me and I can shoot ya my work email where ya can send your resume.