View Full Version : Your dream controller is about to come true ?

05 March 2012, 0630
Hi guys,

posted recently in Endless Sphere forum, a Moscow based start-up about to launch the controller of your dream ?

and update on price just in at:
Mini-E set (controller and display) $400-450
Max-E set $700-750

Sales to start in May apparently....

don't know if the Max-E specs are ok for motorbikes though, i thought you guys run easily 200-300 amps ? is this the battery current ? or the peak phase current ? i'm confused on this point.

05 March 2012, 0644
the only system suitable for small EV-bike is the maxi , it can hold a 12Kw peak power , is good for an urban scooter or a very very light motorbike , the price is similar to a comparable curtiss/sevcon/sigmadrive but looks like there is included a basic bms and display so can be a good option for a small urban bike

05 March 2012, 0724
I sent them an e-mail if they have any plans for higher amps version, let's see.

edit: they replied:
"180 Amps is possible, but it will require an external heat sink."

let's see when they actually start their sales in may,