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08 March 2012, 1446
Just saw this story Domenick posted on Autoblog Green: http://green.autoblog.com/2012/03/08/mission-motors-electric-racer-stalks-the-streets-of-san-francisc/

Two interesting points:
Sadly, the Mission R can not be purchased for either road or track. The engineering marvel remains a two-wheeled development platform and will continue on with the tedious task of further testing.

More sadness? The company is so swamped fulfilling its core commitment of product development for OEMs that it won't be participating in any racing programs this season.

Some more here, on Asphalt and Rubber, with a ton of great shots:

I didn't bother to look up the TTXGP posts that got into this last summer, but it's pretty clear that Mission is kicking some ass with their drivetrain work, and the race was exactly what they said it was - a venue for real-world testing their bike. Too bad they're not going into production, but it's great they're making a go of it, and have found a cash cow.