View Full Version : EvolveMotorcycles.com has a 100 mph/100 mile concept bike

01 April 2012, 1818
I thought while people are waiting for the empulse, these guys might not be far behind. What was interesting is that they have a 70mph/ 100 mile range maxi-scooter for $6900. This appears similar to the vectix for a fraction of the price.2975

02 April 2012, 0536
Note the title: "Concept"

Very much doubt that it will drive at any speed.. Look at the front wheel clearance

02 April 2012, 0541
...why does the word "tortured" spring to mind? :D

02 April 2012, 1012
I really like the Ducati-like trellis frame.
Unfortunately, the performance specs for any "Concept Bike" are absolutely meaningless.

03 April 2012, 1253
Specs look good, but I wouldn't put money down at any odds that the Evolve would ship before the Empulse..