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02 April 2012, 0844
:confused: Well it looks like the Parker Brothers are up to something - if you dont know who the Parker Brothers are;

:D They officially build the tron light cycle that the public can buy for a mere 50 grand - gas or electric version...

:) Anyway, anyone looking for their next build ideals, you might want to check this new TV show out "Dream Machines" April 10 on the ScyFy channel...


02 April 2012, 1048
i often find these concept cars or bikes appealing, and to build something real that resembles some of them is quite challenging,

very often they don't have license plates, mirrors, lights, and so on....that make the real thing a little bit less sleek,

I would like to keep my new build as sleek as possible. I saw some nice LED lights that are very small and the cables run into the frame, same thing on the handle bar, every cable runs inside of it, brake fluid reservoir is smaller, a bit like the on on a bicycle. But the damn thing about this is the smaller they are, the more you pay for them !:mad:

04 May 2013, 1650
Just ran across this - in the battleship episode they use quite a few headways to power their vehicle. 36 min in they realize they need more. http://www.syfy.com/videos/Dream%20Machines/vid:18443724