View Full Version : The Lighter side - A day on the town with the LEAF

08 April 2012, 1610
We took our first trip to several places "throwing caution to the wind" as far as being concerned about having a
backup charging station and went ....everywhere in the Charleston SC area today.

Since the Non EV world is so concerned about Range anxiety, this would hope to prove that it is
range awareness that should always win out.


We started in Summerville SC and headed to the far side of the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, a 2.5 mile long (575 feet high,
the third longest among cable-stayed bridges in the Western Hemisphere) span that the wife and I wanted to walk all
the way across (and back). 22 miles later we arrived in some great for walking (60 deg clear day) weather.


An hour or so later we were back to the LEAF for the next step in the fun day.


We headed to the Pitt Street Bridge in Mt. Pleasant, SC, an old unused bridge that has been turned into a walking park.


We saw .....

A Wedding,


some Stingrays....


Some dolphins (OK. not THAT dolphin)


and a angry bird (Not THAT game).


Now it is time or lunch and we are off to West of the Ashley in Charleston for some seafood. (no, not the dolphin!)


Then to the Hobby Store


and back Home. 89 miles with room to spare.

A fun time was had by all!

09 April 2012, 0648
Good for you Ed. And I love the term "range awareness". I've always thought "range anxiety" was only coined to induce fear in the uninitiated.

09 April 2012, 0728
I agree. "Range awareness" is as lot more positive and informative than "range anxiety". :)

09 April 2012, 1540
Range awareness is the cure for range anxiety.

Unfortunately the best way to gain range awareness is to .. drive or ride the vehicle of your choice and observe how it behaves.

The Leaf got a little bit of bad press initially for having a somewhat inaccurate state of charge meter; has it been fixed since?