View Full Version : Has anyone purchased A123 cells from Mavizen?

30 April 2012, 1338
As the title says, I'm wondering if anyone on here has purchased A123 cells from Mavizen? A friend of mine has a Toyota MR2 conversion and he's planning to put a lithium pack in it. I'm looking for feedback from anyone who may have experience with them. Thanks.

30 April 2012, 1508
Aww.. Rats.
I saw the title and though you were taking the Lithium plunge.

30 April 2012, 1531
No, but I bought 56, A123 20ah cells from Victpower.

30 April 2012, 1835
Well, not me, but someone. And it will be a bigger pack than I could fit in my bike.

DRZ - I'm not sure if it's important to him to go through Mavizen. Was your experience with Victpower good? I don't think I even need to ask about the cells themselves.

01 May 2012, 0629
Excellent, cost was $18/cell. Came 5 days after I paid by paypal, DHL. Neatly packed in A123 original plastic. All cells came in between 18.5 - 19.2 AH (same as Mavizen spec). Several guys on ES have ordered them. Jack R from EVTV has bought over 500 from Victpower.

01 May 2012, 0931
Maybe that's a better route than Mavizen. I appreciate the feedback.

01 May 2012, 1006
Maybe that's a better route than Mavizen. I appreciate the feedback.

Last I heard they wanted $75/cell ? May have changed....I don't know of anyone whose bought from them as of yet.

01 May 2012, 1902
Hardly a surprise there eh? :D