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18 May 2012, 1458
Here is another one of Honda's concept electric vehicles. I may be getting old, but I am not quite ready for this. http://www.visordown.com/snippets/hondas-latest-cub/20677.html

Where is the beef in the Honda EV portfolio, anyway? :confused:

18 May 2012, 1523
kinda looks like a rolling toilet. just needs a magazine rack...

19 May 2012, 1522
The Uni-Cub made the business section of my newspaper. It was described as a "personal mobility device that takes on Segway". I don't know about that, but I do like that comment in the article: "The question, of course, is who would want such a thing. Because there is no seat back, the Uni-Cub does not seem to be a replacement for the motility scooters you see older people using in grocery stores and in Las Vegas. And recent news on obesity makes it pretty clear that we should all be waling more, rather than less."

The Uni-Cub is powered by a Li-ion battery and has a top speed of 4 mph.

19 May 2012, 1654
It was described as a "personal mobility device that takes on Segway".
Sounds about right to me. Interesting technology applied in a largely useless product purchased as an expensive toy with little to no real-world application. :P

19 May 2012, 1759
Honda is great about developing products that are pretty much useless, just to show that they can do it. One of my favorites is their $50,000 oval-piston NR750 from about 20 years ago.

19 May 2012, 2255
Love the Nintendo (the original, not the Wii) soundtrack. Or maybe it's Atari. And at around 2:00, they are three abreast on the hall straight. Now that's racing! :)