View Full Version : Kawasaki-Zytek TTZero

25 May 2012, 0608
ZX-10R chassis with original clutch and gearbox! Should be an interesting one to watch.


30 May 2012, 2125
Unfortunatly not going to race :(


ARC EV Racing
31 May 2012, 0753
That's a shame, I was looking forward to see how they did with the transmission trade-off

31 May 2012, 1328
definitely be watching the transmission notes on this bike, looks good.

does the isle of man run a race in the fall???

31 May 2012, 1639
does the isle of man run a race in the fall???

Yep! roads closed ..
2 weeks in June for the TT (mountain circuit)
2 weeks in July for the Southern 100 (Billown circuit)
2 weeks in September for the Manx Grand Prix (mountain circuit)

electrics only at the TT though :(


03 June 2012, 0207
Had a chat with the Zytek engineer at the Kawasaki truck; the bike was there but not running; they basically ran out of time on the project and couldn't get the bike ready in time. Apparently it is not a full-time Zytek project, so those guys were doing the work on their own time. It's a shame the ZX-10EV won't be out.
The Vercarmoto R6-based bike is running a modified 6-speed gearbox so that will be a bike to watch.