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04 June 2012, 0830
Michael Rutter has just put in a 102.508 practice lap at the TT Zero.
Congrats to all at MotoCzysz!

04 June 2012, 0846
WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go Rutter!

Nuts & Volts
04 June 2012, 0848
One for the record books! Congrats to everyone involved with MotoCzysz!

I'm hoping they push for 105!

ARC EV Racing
04 June 2012, 0852

Nuts & Volts
04 June 2012, 0906
Radio said Rutter had to push it up the pit lane after the race, so they just made it it would seem. Or they are tricking us!
Mugen did a 96.XX

Nuts & Volts
04 June 2012, 0907
Michael Rutter
(1) (L1)2012 Motoczysz Elpc 102.508 (22:05.05)
John McGuinness
(3) (L1)MUGEN Shinden 96.953 (23:20.97)
Mark Miller
(2) (L1)2012 Motoczysz Elpc 94.812 (23:52.60)
George Spence
(4) (L1)Ion Horse 1 73.055 (30:59.27)
Olie Linsdell
(6) (L1)MAN TTX 2012 72.706 (31:08.18)
Rob Barber
(14) (L1)Zero Emission TGM 60.501

04 June 2012, 0909
I'm hoping they push for 105!

It may well be on. The usual gamesmanship abounds!
Apparently both MotoCzysz bikes lost their instruments at Ramsey (start of mountain climb) and had to 'guess' their battery levels.
John McGuinness reckons that the Mugen (97mph lap) was only dialled in a low percentage of its capability.
Rutter went over the finish line at 59mph and didn't have enough juice left to get the bike back up the return lane.
McGuinness went over the finish at 106mph and said he had plenty left!

So, roll on Wednesday.

04 June 2012, 1437

Mike Edwards
04 June 2012, 1615
My money is on Mugen for the win.

They've done one lap ever whereas the other guys have loads of data to fall back on.

04 June 2012, 2034
And the Mugen works perfectly having only been built in 4 months, where the MotoCzysz still has gremlins.

04 June 2012, 2058
The Mugen is pretty awesome. In fairness, Mugen is basically Honda. They know a thing or two about motorcycles, and they've been working on the RC-E (and, reportedly, other electric motorcycle prototypes) for quite a while. In comparison, Motoczysz is a pretty small operation...and, unofficially I guess, they've set the first 100+ mph run.

From what I've read, Motoczysz has more power than Mugen (200 HP vs 120). Rumors are that Mugen went with more a more reliable and larger battery pack, betting on range to help them over power. Can anyone confirm this?

It's going to be a great contest.

05 June 2012, 0015
Excellent news !
Waiting for some video recording of the bikes in action now :D

05 June 2012, 0027
Even if Mugen (Honda) get a win on the Island it was still MotoCzysz that cracked the ton first, oficially or unofficially so well done Motoczysz.

The small players have done most of the heavy lifting regarding elmoto development. TTZero, TTXGP and ePower have provided the platform and publicity on the tightest of budgets and you guys (elmoto, endless-sphere) have provided the research data. Honda just needed to lurk for a while, sit back, let it all happen and then dive in when it suited them. I imagine Honda have been developing electric drive trains for years but looking at the work that the small players have produced, are Honda really that far ahead? Unless McGuinness is sitting on board a flux capacitor or some other exotic secret elctrodrive tech then MotoCzysz can still get a win. In fact, I hope they do!

05 June 2012, 0137
Excellent news !
Waiting for some video recording of the bikes in action now :D


05 June 2012, 0157
MotoCzysz that cracked the ton first, oficially or unofficially ...

How does that work? The 100mph challenge, is it only during the actual racing? Has there been any official acknowledgement of the time?

...anyhoo, CONGRATS to MotoCzysz!

Mike Edwards
05 June 2012, 0234
Mugen with their alleged 20kwh pack versus Motoczysz with their 14kwh pack

The minute Mugen turn the power up from their one lap of testing Rutter won't see which way they went.

05 June 2012, 0244
Because the time was done during an official practice it is entered into the official TT data archive, but because it wasn't during a race it won't be recorded as 'race time' and no, doesn't qualify for the 100mph+ lap.
Over the years there's been many fast ICE laps in practice that also haven't counted. FWIW, there's also been faster laps that were from some other landmark, e.g. Ramsey to Ramsey rather than Start / Finish. They also don't count :)