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Electric Cowboy
08 June 2012, 2251
So, I still have to put the bike back together a little more, but I got it working :)

I built and coded an RFID reader to start my 2011 Zero S

Video :


09 June 2012, 0311
Nice. Did you use a kit or design from scratch. I would love to add this to my bike.

Electric Cowboy
09 June 2012, 1052
I purchased the RFID PCB.
Coded the logic from scratch. Then came up with a plan to wire the RFID into my ignition system.

Once I finalize the hardware, I will make the core and this peripheral available for sale.

09 June 2012, 1550

Electric Cowboy
10 June 2012, 0053
I got it working with phone proximity and added in an off switch. As I am racing, I didn't want to allow the RFID to shut the bike off, just turn it on. I would say this is a safe decision for the road as well, just incase.


10 June 2012, 0412
For those as old and out of touch as I am, RFID = radio frequency identification. :rolleyes:

Electric Cowboy
10 June 2012, 1355
For those as old and out of touch as I am, RFID = radio frequency identification. :rolleyes:
LOL! Thank you for clarifying :) I often tend to think everyone is on the same page as me.

Also, here is a vid of step 2 phone proximity and the off switch.


Electric Cowboy
11 June 2012, 0142
My 3 day coding spree has come to a marvelous ending point this evening :)

No photos, only video could do justice to this. Also, I know I spent no time on the pp design, it is just proof of concept.

Step 3, Full Mobile & RFID integrated ignition

Step 3.5, starting the bike from the phone farther away, figured I would show it since I can ;)


11 June 2012, 0151
... everyone is on the same page as me.]

dude... we're not even reading the same book. :cool:

VERY cool stuff (now that I know what it is :rolleyes:)! JEESH I wish I knew how to do this stuff. ...I don't even know which classes I slept through that I don't get it. I just ask Mr Wizard (David OBrien (http://www.daobrien.com/)) when I want things that have little lights and do magic stuff...

Electric Cowboy
11 June 2012, 0159
Thanks Ted!

FYI, I skipped classes and taught myself how to code after living at a Buddhist monastery, and experiencing homelessness in the national forests. I got a job selling soap door to door and saved up enough money for a laptop which I taught myself how to code on while I slept and traveled in a 6x8 trailer ( with my soap, and sleeping on dog beds which I sold at dog shows ). Then I got married and had to get a real job :D