View Full Version : I talk with Zero's new CEO

11 August 2012, 1432
Last Thursday I received a (scheduled) call from Mr. Richard Walker, Zero's new CEO who was hired last month. I spent 30 minutes speaking with him about my purchase and ownership experience, what I liked about my Zero and what I thought could be improved, along with a discussion about my riding and motorcycle ownership history and various other things. He seems like a very nice guy and there was no indication of having a big-shot "chip" on his shoulder. Plus, he has a pleasant English accent that I had no trouble understanding. :)

He mentioned that Zero will be improving their motorcycles every year for the next three years (he mentioned 2013, 2014 and 2015). He also said that they would take advantage of improvements to EV technology in the future so as to give their bikes better performance and range. It appears that he is enthusiastic about electric motorcycles and their future as both basic transportation and as a sport. :)

I responded that if they make the right improvements, I'll buy another Zero (after my CA rebate "contract" expires and if my granddaughters express an interest in riding). :O I must say that it is very rare that a customer get a call from any product manufacturer's CEO. In my 50 years of riding this is the first time I have been asked for my opinions by any company executive or corporate officer. Usually the calls will come from the customer relations department asking if your dealer offered their extended warranty and financing package. :rolleyes:

16 August 2012, 0907
Richard, thank you for posting this. The more I see and hear of Zero as a company, the more impressed I am. I originally did not care for their products because I have never been fond of dual sport or supermoto style bikes, but their reputation for steady improvement and commitment to their customers sure appeals.