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04 September 2012, 1147
Anyone plan on attending Daytona for the TTXGP World finals in October 19-21st? I am assuming that one must purchase tickets to the "Fall Cycle Scene" in order to get into the races. As far as racing goes, this is all that i said about the weekend, "Championship Cup Series/American Sportbike Racing Association and American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA) will compete in motorcycle races on the twist and turns of the 3.51-mile road course."

So...it sounds kind of misleading, but this has to be it, right?

04 September 2012, 1214
I so wish i could be there. :(

04 September 2012, 1537
I am hoping to make it. I'm asking a few friends if they're interested. I'm in Maryland and don't know if I want to drive that far by myself.

I looked all over the track's website and downloaded the brochure for the event. I cannot find any mention of the TTXGP. But I am sure that is the correct event. When I attended the 2010 race at VIR, the TTXGP was part of a much larger event as well.

04 September 2012, 1555
Yeah I know that's a decent drive from Maryland..
I am trying to get some guys from the University to go down to Daytona with me that weekend. It's only about 6 hours from Atlanta.

I just found it odd that there was absolutely no mention of it on the website..I mean, I know its a petrol world out there, but geez.

04 September 2012, 2322
Well I talked to Rupal and asked her the same question, and she replied, "I sent the track an email last week asking exactly that question... I will come back to you later this week when I get it."

So, I'll give an update when I hear back from her for anyone looking to attend.