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10 September 2012, 2248
Just off the top of anyone's head, do you happpen to know what type of chemistry (specifically) is used inside of the batteries of the Zero bikes? A local dealer nearby had a couple of cells go bad inside of one of their packs, and is giving the rest of the pack to the University for us to play with...

So if it is the 58v 70ah pack, we'll be able to have some fun with it.
All I have been able to find out is that the Zero bikes use "a unique lithium-ion
battery chemistry, and is capable of travelling at highway speeds."

If anyone has any more information, I would greatly appreciate it.


11 September 2012, 0149
From what I recall they are EiG's Li(NiMnCo)O2 cells. About as good as they get right now for energy density, power and safety.

11 September 2012, 1915
If it's the older Zero packs, I'm pretty sure they're LiMn2O4 cylindrical cells. 3.8V, 2900 mAh.


The newer Zeros use EIG. Basically high grade li-po, lower discharge rate than RC li-po, but better quality control, longer cycle life, and much safer. I've seen a test sheet that says they can tolerate quite some abuse without igniting (including nail puncture).


Still, I don't think they're as idiot-proof as LiFePO4, so be careful with them.

Actually, always be careful....

24 September 2012, 1450
Thanks so much for the info guys! It is greatly appreciated.