View Full Version : Sevon Powerpak wanted

Zachary Rubin
14 September 2012, 0143
Had an event the other day. Was testing my shiny new LiPo pack from the bench connected via jumpercables to my motorcycle that was lifted off the ground. Got the rear wheel to spin up once, hit the rear brake - and the brake lever arced to battery+ (T_T)
i still get normal CAN messages from the controller, but no more current to the motor. I figure the motor is still good because i wired it in parallel (shunt) and it ran off a 12v supply.

If anyone has a used but working Sepex (preferably Sevcon Powerpack) controller I'd certainly be interested!

14 September 2012, 1022
It's your lucky day. :D I have an older version, but it looks to be new old stock. I've had it hooked and checked it with a programmer, but I've never run a motor with it. I'll sell it to you with a full money back guarantee should it turn out to be non-operable, although I'm confident it's good. Do you have a programmer, or want me to program it before I send it out?

PM me if you're interested and I'll get some pics to you if you want. I'm at work now so it will have to be later today/tonight.

Zachary Rubin
14 September 2012, 1237
I love lucky days - PM sent!

15 October 2012, 1543
Any Chance you've got another one Dave? I'm finally planning to get my bike back on the road but I have two broken controllers. I need a sepex controller that can handle 72v-84v ish.

16 October 2012, 1247
Sorry but Zach got the only spare I had.

16 October 2012, 1758
No Worries. I've got a good lead to get one repaired. Thanks for letting me know Dave.