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07 November 2012, 0850
It looks like Zero will be selling their models in the U.K. next year. Their range includes a new blacked-out dual-sport version, the Stealth Fighter FX. that I can't recall seeing in their initial 2013 product announcement. I guess they think the British like their bikes to be hard to see while riding quietly along the street or green lane.

Here is the story: http://www.visordown.com/motorcycle-news-new-bikes/zeros-new-stealth-fighter/21756.html

07 November 2012, 1429
im surprised that Europe hasnt been on the demand for the Brammos...

Thanks Richard...

08 November 2012, 0126
There is plenty of demand in Europe for Brammo, the problem is that they have nothing to sell...

08 November 2012, 0310
Brammo is assembling the Enertia in Hungary if I remember well.
Though I haven't seen any reseller in France.
BTW, there is a reseller of Zero's motorbikes.