View Full Version : New Motenergy (Mars) brush holder update

11 November 2012, 0907
Just wanted to give this it's own thread. Here's the info on the new brush holder for Motenergy motors: http://evmc2.wordpress.com/2012/11/10/motenergy-new-brush-holder/

It's $99, and you can get it from any dealer or direct from Motenergy. All the new applicable motors shipping currently have the new design.

John is sending me a sample to do a write-up and testing on, so stay tuned.

11 November 2012, 1122
Thank You - i will definitely buy into the new brush holder...

i like the less heat to the motor and increase of power limitation...

Thank You Ted

17 November 2012, 0616
mmmm. Beefy.


Just got it the other day... trying to find time to tear into it this weekend.

17 November 2012, 1317
OK, got the post up. It's a pretty tidy bit of design:

I'll fill in this post with some of the details later on...

Here is the backside of the holder assembly showing the welded bus:


The new brush/spring holders showing the post coming up through the base from the bus:


...compared with the old design:


The new, on the left, with the new insulation cover, vs the old style:


Total elapsed time for the swap, about 10 minutes with the motor in the bike.