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Aaron Lephart
13 September 2010, 2006
I am curious does the Enertia display update faster when the bike is in decel? Because I will be at 109F and gun it from a stoplight for 10 seconds. Then temperature goes up a little bit but jumps to 154F as soon as I let off the throttle. Again, I know the temperature is normal, just more curious on how it "reads" the sensors.

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Aaron Lephart

13 September 2010, 2221
it probably averages, so it takes a bit to average the temperature. Lets say that at time = 0, temp is 100, then lets say at t = 5, temp is 150. The displayed average is 125. Then at t = 10, temp is still 150, the displayed average is 137.5. The actual temp is still 150, but its displaying the running average, so it may take a little bit for it to match the actual temp.

They might also do less processing of auxiliary stuff when it's running the controller, and only devote a few cycles to calculate sensors like that, and then go back to normal when you're not driving the FET's.

I dunno, just a couple of possibilities, not sure what they do, but something to chew on at least.