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14 September 2010, 0838
The October 2010 issue of Motorcycle Consumer News in their World Motorcycling column on page 10, features the Roehr e-bike line. The half-page article mentions that their eSuperbike and the eSuperbike-RR both have two AC motors producing 96 hp, which is claimed to provide a top speed of 135 mph and are powered by a 96 volt/8 Ah, 7.7 kWh, LiFePO4 battery pack. The output is 800 amps continuous and 1200 amps peak (well that beats my High Power cells). A LVC HVC shunt balancing management system is employed to maintain performance. Both bikes weigh 500 pounds and are street-legal.

The "entry level" model is the eSupersport, which is fitted with a single 48 hp AC induction motor capable of an honest 100 mph and this model weighs only 395 pounds.

MSRP for the eSuperbike is $27,495, the price of the eSuperbike-RR is $34,495 and $16,965 for the eSupersport.

What has me mystified is the 8 Ah rating of the batteries. With only 8 Ah, it would seem that the motorcycle's range would not be very far. Is that a misprint, or am I missing something? I can't quite understand how 8 Ah batteries can pack 7.7 kWh of energy, even with 96 Volts and how that would translate into usable range. My guess is that you can either go very fast or reasonably long - but not on the same charge.

14 September 2010, 0855
My guess is that they're using 8ah cells like the Headways. You can parallel as many batteries as you want to make a pack of any size.

Is this article available online? Any chance you could scan and post?

14 September 2010, 0911
They're 8Ah cells, put in parallel and then in series for the 96V and xxAh that are in the pack. Its not a misprint, but it could be a little more clear.

Can't wait to pic up the mag, have been waiting for this since Roehr said they took the bike out a month or so back.

Tony Coiro
14 September 2010, 1037
I'm guessing they forgot a zero since 7,700Whr / 96V = 80.2 Ah.

14 September 2010, 1452
I could scan the article and post it, but I don't know if that is appropriate as it is copyrighted. MCN's web site is: www.mcnews.com

14 September 2010, 1741
Is that a misprint, or am I missing something? I can't quite understand how 8 Ah batteries can pack 7.7 kWh of energy

Misprint. Roehr's website has it as 80AH.