View Full Version : KillaJoule to take on Bonneville Salt Flats

14 September 2010, 0954
KillaJoule, daughter of Killacycle, to take on Bonneville Salt Flats (http://green.autoblog.com/2010/09/13/killajoule-daughter-of-killacycle-to-take-on-bonneville-salt-f/)

Eva Håkansson, whose ElectroCat set a record earlier this year climbing Pikes Peak, is preparing to assault the land speed record for electric motorcycles on the Bonneville Salt Flats this Wednesday with her newest creation, the KillaJoule. This two-wheeled streamliner is not only encoded with the DNA of its Killacycle forerunner, its also possesses its motors and A123 battery pack.

Unlike the Killacycle, the pilot will not be a "hired gun." This time, Håkansson herself will be white-knucking it across the hard-packed sodium chloride surface. When the duo makes it to the start line it will mark the end of one race – the actual building of the beastess. The final touches are still being added as the departure deadline draws near. This also means Håkansson and the KillaJoule have scant road experience, with only a short outing on their block to their credit. Enough to amuse the neighbors, but not enough to give any indication how things will go at the 200-mile-per-hour target they have set for themselves.

Will they hit their goal? Anything can happen in racing and land speed record attempts, but we wouldn't bet against her. You can keep up with the KillaJoule effort and leave your expressions of best wishes at their Facebook site, which includes plenty of pictures of the building process. Good luck, Eva!