View Full Version : Please review my BMS schematic.

15 January 2013, 1500

15 January 2013, 2125
Missing fuse for DC-DC converter input
Missing fuse for 72V battery
Missing your main Contactor
The charger should controlled by the BMS OV, not a switch

What's the SCR for? turning on and off the charger? If so, it's in the wrong place. It should be on one of the charger leads.

16 January 2013, 0141
Is this a homebrew Battery Monitor with under/over voltage protection? Got to do some balancing to get to Manager in my book. Looks like the sense input is a resistor network plus a shunt and pack V to ADC(s) for 24 cell voltage measurements and the control is a relay in the output of the charger and a SCR in the path of the Controller. The charger is more likely to tolerate SCR throttling than the controller:) Some of these controllers are beasts you don't want to get inline with! Feedback for under V to the controller is better used to control a 1/2 speed input pin (depending on the controller) or cutting the KSI by relay.

Follow the good advice on fusing!