View Full Version : R6 race bike rolling chassis in NSW, perfect for electrification!

15 January 2013, 1837
To all the Australian Elmotos out there,

My friend Russell was all geared up for the 2013 race season but his late 2000's R6 has blown an intake valve. The engine is effectively stuffed, so he would like to sell it as a rolling chassis.

His bike is a fully tricked out proper racing machine which laps Eastern Creek at 1:46.9 with the right rider.

Russ is a top bloke, and he thinks electrics are awesome. SplinterOz was lucky enough to meet Russ at Winton - we had dinner with him that night). He contacted me specifically to put the word out to the electric racing community to see if anyone wants to do a conversion.

He's asking $3000 or best offer.

PM me if you know someone who is interested!


16 January 2013, 2109
OMG. i want it. But shipping would suck. :)

Oh well, i'll keep looking.

16 January 2013, 2213
there is serious looking at this bike from a group of people in Canberra. If we can get our **** together we might even make a decision soon.

17 January 2013, 0428
Sounds good tony! Will email you more details :)