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15 September 2010, 2031
The Situation (no, not that one (http://www.facebook.com/MikeTheSituation)): I have a temporary battery pack consisting of six 12-volt AGM scooter batteries (22 AH) and I have a bunch of Battery Tenders. I would prefer to make use of the BTs to avoid having to buy another charger (I have one that will do LifePO but the charging profile is fixed).

Question: Do I need to disassemble my battery pack each time I need to charge the individual cells, or is there some way I can do this and leave the pack in place, wired up, and charge all six cells at once? Or would I only be able to charge one at a time (unless I disassemble the pack)?



15 September 2010, 2052
As long as the battery chargers are isolated, they can just be connected to each individual battery and the battery pack connections are left completely alone. If however your chargers are not isolated, then no connections in the pack may remain if more than one charger is used.


15 September 2010, 2059
Yes, that makes sense. I was not thinking about the chargers being isolated, but now that you say that, I get it. It doesn't matter if I have the chargers attached to batteries that are strung together because the only circuit that will be completed for a given battery is with the charger that is attached across it. Phew, that will be a lot easier to manage. Thanks!

16 September 2010, 0921
Dale - I am using battery tender chargers on my bike as you describe. I have all six plugged into a power strip and plug that into the wall. They work perfectly. Double check that your model is isolated, but it probably is.

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16 September 2010, 1035
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16 September 2010, 1043
I used this method for hooking up multiple chargers. Works good.

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16 September 2010, 1113
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