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07 February 2013, 1605
Bit of a way off yet but gotta start the list of 'intending to' compete sometime ..

First off (and potentially the most exciting) is the Mugen SHINDEN NI


Nuts & Volts
07 February 2013, 2016
The Ohio State University will be represented by Buckeye Current at the IOM this year. We'll be running our 16kWh, 80kW CBR1000RR monster. Our goal is to show up and finish

08 February 2013, 0950
Both Mugen and MotoCzysz have said they will be there this year.

02 March 2013, 1646
Lightning too by the looks of it, with another A-class rider .. Link (http://blog.motorcycle.com/2013/02/15/motorcycle-category/sportbikes/lightning-motorcycles-signs-tt-winner-cameron-donald/)

02 March 2013, 1722
The Ohio State University will be represented by Buckeye Current at the IOM this year. We'll be running our 16kWh, 80kW CBR1000RR monster. Our goal is to show up and finish

Huge props to you guys Kyle, you'll have a blast! Who's going to ride?

Nuts & Volts
03 March 2013, 1356
Huge props to you guys Kyle, you'll have a blast! Who's going to ride?

We have Goeff Smale lined up to race for us. He is a veteran sidecar racer and has done some solo rides at the TT before. He has a buddy whom lives in Columbus Ohio. He helped link us up with Geoff.

17 April 2013, 1609
The Italian Vercar Moto guys made a bunch of noise back in March. But having Google translated an article they have a 37kW and 30ft-lb of torque motor attached to a six speed transmission and stuffed in an R6 chassis. All for $120k Euros. If you spent $25k USD you could have all that twice the torque with an Empulse TTX. Or buy a Zero S and spend your saved money on suspension and tires.

Anyone heard if Kingston is coming back?

So far the list is

MotoCzysz (2 bikes)
Mugen (pretty sure only one bike)
Buckeye Current
Vercar Moto

That's a short list. I have also noticed no where as many "announcements" this year.

17 April 2013, 1642
A few more for the list ...

ManTTX (http://manttx.com/)
Lightning (http://blog.motorcycle.com/2013/02/15/motorcycle-category/sportbikes/lightning-motorcycles-signs-tt-winner-cameron-donald/)
Imperial (http://www.masmoto.net/competicion/2013/03/27/antonio-maeso-hayabusa-electrica-tt-zero-2013/)

17 April 2013, 1809
I forgot about Lightning. Shortly after that announcement Donald left the Honda TT Legends endurance team (http://www.asphaltandrubber.com/racing/cameron-donald-honda-tt-legends-endurance-world-championship/) stating he wanted to spend more time at home in Australia. But Donald should still be on for the TT. I did ask Lightning for a comment, but was asked to wait for the press release. That was some time ago. I was wondering about the ManTTX guys. Turns out they have been following me on twitter and I haven't been following them [smacks forehead]. I did not know about Imperial. Thank you for that!

Nuts & Volts
18 April 2013, 0713
Just want to let people know that Geoff Smale will not be able to ride for us anymore. Rob Barber will be piloting for us now and we will be sharing a paddock with him. Our bike is on its way to the coast to hop on a boat!

10 May 2013, 1424
Mugen's obvious links with Honda are a bit more formalised for this year's event!

McGuinness' new electric TT ride (http://www.bennetts.co.uk/bikesocial/news-and-views/racing/british-superbikes/2013/mcguinness-new-electric-tt-ride/?utm_source=twfb&utm_medium=social&utm_content=mcguinnessbike&utm_campaign=bikesocial#.UY1i18rNmSq)

also ... "The brush rotor ‘engine’ has been extensively bench tested ..." Brush rotor? really?

Kyle, how are things going with the OSU boat trip?


Nuts & Volts
10 May 2013, 1653
Mugen's obvious links with Honda are a bit more formalised for this year's event!

McGuinness' new electric TT ride (http://www.bennetts.co.uk/bikesocial/news-and-views/racing/british-superbikes/2013/mcguinness-new-electric-tt-ride/?utm_source=twfb&utm_medium=social&utm_content=mcguinnessbike&utm_campaign=bikesocial#.UY1i18rNmSq)

also ... "The brush rotor ‘engine’ has been extensively bench tested ..." Brush rotor? really?

Kyle, how are things going with the OSU boat trip?


Right now the bike is set to arrive on the 25th to either Manchester or the Isle. I fly out on the 22nd and get to the Isle sometime on the 23rd.

Spoke to Mr Barber last night and had a good conversation about past races and our bike. Things are looking good. Still a lot of unknowns but I am feeling very confident about the TT Zero this year.

Found out that most teams missed last years race because they moved the start time up. This didn't give most teams enough time to get there bikes charged and back together.

10 May 2013, 1901
Good luck with it Kyle! The Isle of Man is the proving ground for motorcycles. 7 fast laps of a tight circuit is one thing, but lapping the Isle is the ultimate test!

20 May 2013, 0740
Just so damn proud of the Buckeye Current team. I wish you guys the best of luck!

Nuts & Volts
26 May 2013, 0207
See post here in our build thread (http://www.elmoto.net/showthread.php?2377-Buckeye-Current-Build-Thread&p=37961&viewfull=1#post37961)

31 May 2013, 1759
Qualifying times from yesterday evening:

Competitor Machine Lap
John McGuinness (3) 2013 MUGEN Shinden Ni 105.6501 (21:25.639)
Michael Rutter (1) 2013 MotoCzysz E1pc 104.6314 (21:38.157)
Mark Miller (2) 2013 MotoCzysz E1PC 102.3284 (22:07.373)
Robert Barber (10) RW-2 Electric 88.1038 (25:41.681)
Dave Moffitt (8) 2013 TTZero 80.0943 (28:15.850)
Chris Mcgahan (7) 2013 Yamaha R6E 77.5051 (29:12.504)
Ian Lougher (5) 2013 KOMATTI MIRAI KMI 74.4820 (30:23.633)
Antonio Maeso (6) 2012 Imperial College of London IC+ 70.6637 (32:02.174)
Paul Owen (9) 2013 Brunel BX 64.5972 (35:02.690

Note: New unofficial electric lap record
Note: Buckeye running 4th. Considering the first three, that ain't too shabby. Good job.


01 June 2013, 0902
Qualifying times from this evening:

Competitor Machine Lap
Michael Rutter (1) 2013 MotoCzysz E1pc 107.8166 (20:59.806)
Mark Miller (2) 2013 MotoCzysz E1PC 104.3969 (21:41.072)
George Spence (4) ION HORSE 2011 83.3197 (27:10.201)
Chris Mcgahan (7) 2013 Yamaha R6E 80.6177 (28:04.839)
Ian Lougher (5) 2013 KOMATTI MIRAI KMI 74.5152 (30:22.822)
Paul Owen (9) 2013 Brunel BX 73.3067 (30:52.872)
Robert Barber (10) RW-2 Electric 70.0664 (32:18.559)
John McGuinness (3) 2013 MUGEN Shinden Ni -- (00:00:0.0)

Note: New unofficial electric lap record
Buckeye: Problem or strategy. Hopefully latter.


Nuts & Volts
01 June 2013, 1418
Unfortunately we are having problems with controller errors. Planning some dyno work tomorrow.

01 June 2013, 1452
Nuts, just sent you a pm with my phone no.
If you need a runner/dog's body or any intro with the local engineering bods don't hesitate to call.
Good luck

03 June 2013, 0856
Qualifying times from this afternoon:

Competitor Machine Lap
John McGuinness (3) 2013 MUGEN Shinden Ni 109.038
Michael Rutter (1) 2013 MotoCzysz E1pc 107.602
Mark Miller (2) 2013 MotoCzysz E1PC 105.806
Robert Barber (10) RW-2 Electric 91.768

There were other finishers but my pen ran out.

Note: New unofficial electric lap record ... The 110mph lap is coming?


03 June 2013, 1029
Uhhh, I can assume the Buckeye bike is fixed? :D :D

Fastest (ever, overall) TT average lap is John McG @ 131.671mph (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isle_of_Man_TT). Only reason I bring this up is because electrics have come such a long way in a such a short time. Good luck to everyone in the next few days. Keep going fast Bucks!

Nuts & Volts
03 June 2013, 1432
Yep we were able to sort the problems out. A poor 12V connection seems to be what is to blame for most of the errors. We had to lower the motor current again to 220A as described in the Buckeye Current thread to fix the other problems.

Our limit this time around was motor temperature. It was the hottest day we had here by far and Rob had a clean run expect for one reset early on which was probably caused by the high pack voltage. The motor temperature was limiting the peak motor current. We installed higher power fans on the motor radiator and tried to get a little bit more air ducting through the fairing to help keep things cool. Hoping for a cool day on Wednesday.

The pack finished at 374V but we used 38.7Ah so we are getting close to the battery limits. However the high cell was at 3.51 and the low cell at 3.28. More balancing and a bit of overcharge should allow our team to get the most out of our pack come race day. The pack was up to 60C at the end, but that is most likely due to high current draw at low voltage. So getting to our limits for sure.

Anyways with no resets and a cool day I think 94mph might be in the cards, but we shall see how it goes on race day. Plan to install a new rear shock tomorrow and maybe dyno a little just to get some data. I really wanna change gearing, but I don't know if we have the battery for higher speeds and it will probably just increase the motor temperature and cause us to go slower. So that is a no go right now.

05 June 2013, 0320
Well, what drama!
A MotoCzysz retires
McGuinness 10 sec advantage coming off the mountain, 2 sec behind at finish
Buckeye on the podium (@90+), even with six machine cutouts en route.

Tantalisingly close to the 110mph

1. Michael Rutter (1) (L1) 2013 MotoCzysz E1pc 109.6748 (20:38.461)
2. John McGuinness (3) (L1) 2013 MUGEN Shinden Ni 109.5269 (20:40.133)+1.672
3. Robert Barber (10) (L1) RW-2 Electric 90.4033 (25:02.467)+4:24.006

05 June 2013, 0350
Took the liberty of recording Manx Radio (http://www.manxradio.com/):

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/uu14qr6r_2I" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Harold in CR
05 June 2013, 0402
Is it over ? Podium spot sounds like it. ?

Way to go, Kyle, and Associates.

05 June 2013, 0519

Totally kick ass.

05 June 2013, 0551
I think Kyle will be busy sinking a few pints with the crew :D

Nice work brother! 90 mph from a college entry is a mighty fine achievement. And 109.something mph from the Czyxz! I wonder if there is a prize for 110, or 120 mph?

05 June 2013, 0621
Huge congrads to all the Buckeye Team members. I know everyone on the team did a great job! Is there a list of Buckeye members over there at the Isle?

EDIT: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait...... It looks like third!?!?! Did Miller have issues? I mean, it sucks for them, but HUGE congrads to the Bucks!!!!!

05 June 2013, 0636
Yes, third indeed! I just saw this on Facebook and wanted to share it here. I think it says it all. From Aaron Bonnell-Kangas:

Holy ****. We made third. Buckeye Current.

This is our first year ever coming to the Isle. Nobody imagined how incredible this place was – the atmosphere, the racing, the challenge. The total development time of this bike was just over nine months, from conception to completion. The competitors who bested us were professional teams, with $4M+ invested in their machines. We spent $40k, 1/100 the amount. Our nearest collegiate competitors have each been here for several years, and have built several machines.

And we made third place. Third place. The only collegiate team ever to break 90mph on an electric machine around the Mountain Course, and one of the two collegiate teams ever to finish on the podium.

I'm beyond words. We came here hoping to make it through a single lap – just cross the finish line. There's so much to be done. We'll be back. We have to.

What an incredible year.

05 June 2013, 1033
This is Awesome! Go Buckeyes!

ARC EV Racing
05 June 2013, 1508
I was just watching the coverage over here and you've got john mcGuinness, fastest man around the island, looking truly gutted at coming second in the zero race. Second to rutter at that, another top class rider. Shows how credible electric bikes have become.

Well done everyone involved, the machines looked great.

06 June 2013, 0058
Wonderful work!!!! Congrats Kyle and all the team.

07 June 2013, 1546
It looks like MotoCzysz won the IOM TT Zero race. Here is a link to a photo of the winning team and a couple of exciting on-bike videos of portions of the race, one from the ****pit of the Mugen bike and one from the view of the MotoCzysz's brake caliper.

http://rideapart.com/2013/06/watch-motoczysz-and-mugen-race-tt-zero/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+HellForLeather+%28Hell+For+Le ather%29

Nuts & Volts
10 June 2013, 0832
Thanks for all the kind words everyone. It was such a great experience to compete, finish and podium at the IOM TT Zero. It has truly captured the hearts of our entire team and has convinced many of us that this is the place for motorcycle racing. I for one will be doing whatever I can to get back to the TT as an electric competitor. There are great things to come from this event and the teams involved.

I presented a summary of our 2013 TT Zero race on the Buckeye Current build thread

14 June 2013, 1349
Not to hi-jack this thread, but in addition to Kyle, I wanted to ensure the rest of the team members were acknowledged for there hard work at the Isle of Man. Like John Wild has said before, this is a huge feather in their caps and I am sure employers would be lucky for the opportunity to hire any of these mature, aspiring and hard-working individuals. I will gladly vouch for each individual below (if my opinion carries any weight).....

Student Team Leaders
Julia Cline
Matt Herrmann
Nathan Lord

Ohio State University Staff Member
Bill Thalgott

Student Team Members
Jenn Holt
Mike Timko
Nick Chenoweth
Aaron Bonnell-Kangas
Polina Brodsky
Victor Brechbill.

..... and of course all of the team members that contribute to the motorcycle team, but stayed state-wide in support of PR and local coordination during the race

14 June 2013, 1529
To all of them we offer congratulations.!!!