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09 March 2013, 0320
I just got an email from Lito yesterday, linky here: http://evmc2.wordpress.com/2013/03/08/lito-sora-gets-homologation-wuuuuut-and-opens-reservations/

Think it might be time to start a new Sora category Mr Moderator? :D

09 March 2013, 0845
My guess is that it could probably replace one of the other production motorcycle brand sub-forums. I suspect that there are one or two categories that we will never hear about again - except maybe in your book.

09 March 2013, 1606
I have tried teh Sora last summer and have meet and discussed with the founder. This guy have alot of courage and is really ambitious! The product is nice and really powerfull! I tried it at teh Circuit Gille Villeneuve in Montreal. Having the homologation for EV here in Canada is not something easy!.. motorcycle are easyer tahn car due to numberous things like airbag, weight distributin etc.. and Transport Canada are really a big frontier to pass if you want to make your convertion and have it street legal!


23 May 2013, 0752
The Lito Sora hits the news again: http://news.motorbiker.org/blogs.nsf/dx/electric-muscle-motorcycle---lito-sora.htm

Nothing new, but I have to say that it looks like a real piece of artwork and it must be very expensive to manufacture. I can see this motorcycle being displayed in a modern technology museum one of these days.

23 May 2013, 0758
Has any one ridden one?

23 May 2013, 0823
Has any one ridden one?

Doctorbass (see his post above) apparently has ridden the bike.