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22 March 2013, 0734
KTM has just shown off its concept E-Speed electric scooter at the Tokyo Motor Show. This one looks pretty snazzy and should be great for Euro urban commuting. It looks like competition for the base version of the Brammo Enertia motorcycle.


22 March 2013, 1238
"Aerodynamic polymer slats protect the riderís feet and legs from the weather while guiding cool air toward the batteries"

I like the built in foot protector, but the "R A C I N G" letters on the rims is hilarious.

22 March 2013, 1447
Single-sided swingarm :cool:

22 March 2013, 1631
I love the concept and some of the detailing but am not totally into overall styling.

I like how well the battery compartment in integrated into the chassis and form. The BMW scooter also does this well.

I am more excited about concept electric scooters than motorcycles at this point. The scooter form factor lends itself to electric very well.

23 March 2013, 0936
Very cool concept, I couldn't find storage space for my groceries? :confused:

23 March 2013, 1657
KTM's CEO says elmotos are ready for prime time yet http://www.asphaltandrubber.com/news/ktm-ceo-stefan-pierer-electrics-too-soon/ and then they release their scooter prototype? Go where the money is I guess.

23 March 2013, 1746
Well, that is interesting. KTM thinks that Li-ion batteries are dangerous and cites Boeing as an example? That sounds like someone looking for excuses not to build an elmoto. It is a good thing that Zero and Brammo didn't look to Boeing for inspiration before building successful and well-performing electric motorcycles. :rolleyes: If any production electric motorcycle has caught fire and blown up, I sure haven't heard about it and I am pretty sure the news media would have jumped right on that story.

24 March 2013, 0200
Style is nice but 140kg is way too much for a scooter . And they called it leight wheight haha .are they comedians ?

24 March 2013, 0650
Style is nice but 140kg is way too much for a scooter . And they called it leight wheight haha .are they comedians ?

No they are Austrians and you don' see too many Austrian comedians - other than maybe Arnold, the former California Governator. :D

26 March 2013, 1633

Just saw this on Canada moto guide.



09 May 2013, 0807
KTM has just announced that the E-Speed scooter will go into production and will hit the market in 2015. You can read the story and see some nice studio photos here:


KTM sure keeps changing their plans for EV production. One minute someone is saying it is the wave of the future, the next minute they say there is no market for them, then it is back to production again. I suspect that KTM is just reacting to BMW's marketing plans. The two companies are in a real competitive struggle and with BMW coming out with an electric scooter, KTM probably thinks they need to compete. But KTM's scooter looks better to me than BMW's - if looks count for anything.

09 May 2013, 0813
Thanks Richard230,

I often wondered what happen to that story.

Los Angeles

17 May 2013, 0940
The saddle looks very uncomfortable.
It has an (obsolete) belt or chain drive, not a hub motor.
It will have a high center of gravity.

19 May 2013, 1549
I guess KTM is finally coming up with a marketing plan for producing electric motorcycles. Reading this story, it sounds like they will be making the E-SPEED scooter for urban commuting and the Freeride E for quiet fun in the dirt.


But it doesn't appear that they plan to compete with Brammo or Zero in the street motorcycle consumer market.