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08 April 2013, 0726
Here is a link to a cute 5-minute video showing the ZENN (Zero Emissions No Noise) electric city car that is made in Canada, but can not be sold there - only in the U.S.


They are proposing to sell the car for around $12,000 and at that price I would think that it would sell well - assuming that consumers want another small car for getting around urban areas. It doesn't look like the ZENN would be freeway capable and might even struggle to get up to expressway speeds. No top speed or range was mentioned in the video report, but it does look like a decent grocery hauler. They stuffed 20 cases of beer in the "trunk". ;)

08 April 2013, 0828
For anyone wanting to build their own Zenn car (or bike) here's a link to their components at garage sale prices. Notice that you can go AC or DC.

08 April 2013, 0857
It was an NEV (25mph max), which didn't draw enough buyers:

In September 2009 CEO Ian Clifford announced that ZENN was ceasing car production to concentrate on selling its drive-train technology to other manufacturers. The company confirmed it will launch its 2010 model but not the CityZENN model. The company had only sold a total of 500 vehicles and cited slow sales as a reason for the decision.[1] In December 2009, the company made a further announcement confirming its new strategy and announcing that it will cease production of the ZENN LSV by April 30, 2010.[2]


The video makes me think that a laugh track would really liven up Jack Rickard's videos.

08 April 2013, 1411
Well, the video was entertaining anyway. Another car-battery powered vehicle bites the dust. Here is Car and Driver's take on the ZENN: http://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/zenn-electric-car-mini-test-road-test

08 April 2013, 1441