View Full Version : Help with Sevcon Gen 4 error 141 - 1

19 April 2013, 1547
Anyone have some ideas about an 141 - 1 error I get randomly?

I cannot find a god way to fix this error , it sometimes pop up at high speed but there is no fixed pattern , it changes the speed or the voltages avery time and start to be annoying.

Is easy to fix because you just turn off and on the controller and it clear but I don't like to have my bike to stop suddently in the middle of the road for this error.

19 April 2013, 1558
Can you explain? How are you seeing this error code? flashing LED? a ClearView sevcon display? Or something else?

19 April 2013, 1816
With the EasyGen4 software , is a software very similar to the Sevcon DriveWizard

22 April 2013, 1048
Unfortunately, i don't know what that error is. :(