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25 April 2013, 1349
An AP article in today's newspaper says that GM claims that their new battery-powered Spark mini-car "will be the most efficient car available for sale to the public". They claim an EPA equivalent 119 mpg and an EPA-rated range of 82 miles in combined city/highway driving, according to their tests. (Other EVs can go further, though. The Fiat 500e claims a range of 87 miles - and then there is the Tesla.)

The electric Spark (I wonder who thought of that name? :eek:) will go on sale in July, but only in Oregon and California. GM hasn't released the price yet but said it will be less than $32,500. The company has not indicated when it will be available for sale in other states.

The article says that automakers have sold almost 4,900 fully electric vehicles during the first quarter of this year, nearly three times the number during the same period last year. But that is only 0.13% of total U.S. car sales. :(

Harold in CR
25 April 2013, 1830
Didn't Tesla just report selling 4750 car in the 1st quarter ? I can't believe Nissan has sold less than 150 to make that 4900 number ??

That's the problem with these "reporters", never getting things (exactly) right :confused:

26 April 2013, 0658
The Spark, is currently the second most efficient OEM, EV, per the EPA. The 2013 Scion iQ EV comes in at 121 MPGe. All of the current OEM, EV's are very conventional cars. The car with the smallest frontal area, and smallest battery pack wins. The way to improve efficiency AND range simultaneously is to increase the percentage of weight taken up by the battery, and dramatically improve aerodynamics. So far, the upcoming VW XL1, and the BMW i3 are the only ones.

All the March numbers are here.


Tesla's number is approximate, because, unlike other car companies, they don't do a monthly count. About 2000 is what their quarterly FTC filing suggests.


26 April 2013, 0811
The Toyota iQ EV isn't available for sale to consumers, and I believe Toyota is only producing a run of 100 of them. So GM's claim has some heavy qualifiers, but I believe it's correct within the narrow scope of those qualifiers.

Interestingly, the iQ has a 12 kWh battery that's not much larger than the 2013 Zero S ZF11.4, and just as large as the Lito Sora's battery.

26 April 2013, 1005
GM is now saying it will be available in "late 2013." Given that there are currently no public charge stations, with the huge SAE combo plug, that is probably wise. :-)