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02 May 2013, 1529
According to an AP article in my newspaper, BYD, the first Chinese-owned vehicle manufacturer in the U.S., unveiled ambitious plans yesterday to eventually build as many as 1000 plug-in electric buses per year. Manufacturing will be performed at a refurbished RV plant somewhere in the middle of the Mojave Desert. The first of 10 electric buses are already on order from the city of Long Beach and they should be delivered sometime next year. BYD says that within two years they expect to be producing 50 buses a year and continue to ramp up production, hoping to produce as many as 1000 buses per year within a decade or two.

All of the buses will be powered by the company's LiFePo4 batteries, which will be manufactured at another plant near the bus factory in Lancaster, CA. BYD is said to be the world's largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries. BYD claims that they are the first Chinese company to open a vehicle manufacturing plant in the U.S. BYD says that they invested $10 million in the two plants and eventually could employ as many as 1000 people at the plants.