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09 May 2013, 0835
The sure picked the right name for it. And no helmets required?

The lighting under the vehicle to either side is kind of an interesting feature. See the video (and not much else) here:


09 May 2013, 0905
I think it's a cool commuter machine and gave serious thought to purchasing one until I found a really good deal on a closeout 2011 XU. I would still like an opportunity to ride one, but the 30mph top speed seems rather limiting.

09 May 2013, 1239
Not much info on their shiny web site.

09 May 2013, 1546
It's an interesting concept and the side lighting could help with safety. However, the CG seems relatively high given the short wheelbase. My concern is what might happen if the front brake is applied hard.

10 May 2013, 0843
Couldn't see the grocery basket?:rolleyes:

Los Angeles

10 May 2013, 1417
[QUOTE=yankee1919;37462]Couldn't see the grocery basket?:rolleyes:

Oh...never mind then :)

20 November 2014, 0542
I've been doing a lot of research on this, but I haven't actually built one yet, so take this with a grain of salt. But, it doesn't seem all that complicated. You have a small engine capable of generating enough power to keep the batteries from draining at speed. The power goes from the engine, through a hacked alternator/regulator and into the battery. The only complicated part is triggering and killing the motor at optimal times. You get much greater range with fewer batteries. The only part I'm worried about is the heat coming off the engine might not make the LiPo batteries very happy.