View Full Version : Brammo site dropped "vaporbikes"?

15 May 2013, 0725
I noticed Brammo is now just listing the bikes you can actually buy: the Enertia Plus, Enertia LE (Police version) and the Empulse. The "Buy" page still says "Pre-Order" though. Is this a change in their strategy? Could they actually have considered that listing stuff they don't make might have an effect on their credibility? :rolleyes:

I kid, I kid. Don't nobody get their dander up plz. :D

If it is the case that they've taken this route, I think it's a very good sign that they're committed to being a real company and not fishing for investors and stuff. I'd assume they're still working on the dirt bikes and stuff.

I think I need to say "stuff" again. Stuff.

15 May 2013, 1447
Perhaps the bikes are going back in the oven. Shelina Moreda raced the Engage a couple weekends ago with Supermoto @ Sonoma. The bike still had the prototype IET, an unknown motor, bunch of things seemed to point at the bike being fairly undeveloped. ttxgpfan @ esbk.co interviewed Shelina after the race (http://esbk.co/2013/05/06/esbk-studios-special-shelina-moreda-wraps-up-brammos-first-afm-weekend/), the info about the Engage is around the 40 minute mark IIRC.

Not sure what downplaying the Engage and Encite means for the BrammoParx. I still scratch my head over that move.

The Enertia (non-Plus) is gone from Brammo's website as well. I don't think there's a good business case for a non-Plus Enertia. Zero gets the ZF2.8 models for "free" by building a two module ZF5.7, but Brammo would need to either build a new battery module or (more likely) just partially populate the existing BPM 44/70 module (12s7p 10Ah). Dropping down to (say) BPM 44/40 (2s BPM 44/40 = 88.8V 40Ah = 3.5 kWh) would save Brammo 72 10Ah cells, maybe $1000 in cell costs. And they'd have to price the bike at least $3000 less. Enertia Plus has a bunch of improvements over the Enertia Classic, it's possible that a non-Plus Enertia might sell at $8000.. or get people in the door at least. Guessing Brammo doesn't want to split their focus YET .. or wants to keep it under wraps until it's ready to unveil. No doubt the same is true for the Engage/Encite.

16 May 2013, 0345
I'm not entirely convinced they (or at least all of them) ever made it into the oven in the first place... :D