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09 September 2013, 0335

OK bitches. Welcome to Fight Club. This is the place for strong opinions, heated debate and controversial conclusions.

Want to rant about design, philosophy, yet another EV vapor product? This is the place to do it. Want to get something off your chest? Go ahead, take off the gloves and leave 'em at the door. Want to post up unsubstantiated opinions passed off as fact, thinly veiled agendas or half-thought out ideas tapped out hastily on your phone? Yep, serve it up. Just don't start crying when you get slammed to the mat.

Have a delicate constitution and you're easily offended? Probably a good idea to keep walkin'.

Elmotomaster set up this category to hash out stuff that straddles the lines between discussion and argument. He made me the "host", god love him. We're all adults here, and this is the internet, for god's sake, where any asshat can say anything they want without anyone even knowing who they are. It's purpose is to separate out the BS from the Truth. Sometimes that's not a comfortable trip.

The Rules of Engagement for ElMoto apply. Don't be an asshole. Don't insult anyone's momma. Other than that, if you're in here and we disagree? We still love each other, ya big lunk. As far as being a "gentleman"? If you're here, you've forfeited that status at the outset.

Oh, but there is one rule just for Fight Club:

Don't talk about... ... Celine Dion.


09 September 2013, 0340
... reserved ...

09 September 2013, 0744
You seem like the perfect host and moderator for these type of discussions, Ted. :D

09 September 2013, 0755
I know, right? The perfect mix of maturity and decorum... :rolleyes:

...well, it's not the stupidest thing Mike has done. :O

09 September 2013, 1301
I know, right? The perfect mix of maturity and decorum... :rolleyes:

...well, it's not the stupidest thing Mike has done. :O

I have a sinking suspicion it will be. It might even top the time we put 5 gallons of gasoline in an outhouse and set it on fire just to catch it on film.

Oh and there was that chick I met in Barcelona. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

09 September 2013, 1307
OH, and you're gonna talk that trash and not post a clip? :D

12 September 2013, 2041
Man.....he loaded up and hit hard with the first sore subject.

I have never commented, and could see both pros...

But thems fighting words around here it seems...