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21 September 2013, 0343
I know for a fact that Mike has been busting his butt to fix the damage that the hacker did to the site. How? 'Cause he's been crankier than normal for the last week that he's been trying to fix the code. Just ask his cats.

Thank you sir. We are not worthy.

Now would be a great time to click that "Donate" button on the left if the spirit moves you and you have a few extra dollars you can spare. :rolleyes:

21 September 2013, 0611
Done !

thanks Mike !
we sometimes forget the work done in the background to maintain our favorite space on the net !

21 September 2013, 0826
Once I have an income I will do just that, Ted. Cheers Mike!

I think quite a few Vbulletin forums went down recently...

21 September 2013, 0826
Thanks Mike!

Real question is how cranky was Ted without his daily ElMoto fix?:D

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21 September 2013, 1039
Thanks Mike, good work. Donation to follow.

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21 September 2013, 1313
Thanks Mike!

Real question is how cranky was Ted without his daily ElMoto fix?:D

Kinda this cranky. ...yeah.


21 September 2013, 1439

Thank you Mike. Building would have been a lot harder (and more dangerous) without your hard work.

Much appreciated!

21 September 2013, 1451
What? Oh yea, the site... this one, right? Sorry, I was taking a nap this whole time and forgot to turn the site back on.

In all seriousness, thank you all for being patient while I pulled my hair out over the damage the hacker did. And a really huge thank you to everyone who donated, let me know what info you want
added to the Friends of ElMoto (http://www.elmoto.net/showthread.php?45-Friends-of-ElMoto-net&p=82#post82) page.

You guys are awesome, dont let Ted tell you otherwise.

22 September 2013, 0022
Mike is the registration page not operating at the moment I have a friend trying to register and he is getting an error.

Could not find phrase 'keycaptcha_wrong_solution'.