View Full Version : Ikea to sell solar panels

01 October 2013, 1424
At least in Britain, according to an article by Bloomberg News published in my newspaper today. This is will be "the first step in its plan to bring renewable energy to the mainstream market worldwide". The solar panels are made in China (where else?) by Hanergy and will be sold in the Ikea store in Southampton, starting Monday. Solar panel sales will spread to the rest of the British stores over the coming months. "A standard, all-black 3.36 kW system for a semidetached home will cost $9,200 and will include an in-store consultation and design service as well as installation, maintenance and energy monitoring service." Ikea executive Steve Howard is quoted as saying: "in a few years the prices on solar panels have dropped, so it's a really good price now. It's the right time to go for the consumers."