View Full Version : Misson motors guys on Revzilla webcast NOW (Oct 9, 2013) 3pm Eastern

09 October 2013, 1157
The Mission motors guys are going to be on a Revzilla webcast in just a few minutes:


(Revzilla is a gear shop, but they're going to talk to some of the mission folks)

09 October 2013, 1932
It was mainly a marketing guy talking about their bike. Replay can be found here: http://www.spreecast.com/events/zla-live-october-2013-109-3pm-est

There were a lot of people asking questions in a chat window while it was going on. I was a (gladly) a bit surprised that there were very few commenters who were dumping on electric bikes. most seemed relatively interested and there were quite a few who thought it looked cool.