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13 October 2013, 1755
Tesla just debuted their new Model X SUV, which was shown in the local TV news an hour ago. Normally I don't care all that much for the looks of an SUV, but this car seems to be very stunning and innovative. It has gull-wing side doors and the rear door is a hatch-back. The car seems to have lots of glass. They only showed the rear and a rear-quarter view and it looks like it has a wide window directly above the bumper, which should give you a great view of what you have left behind when leaving a stop light. :)

13 October 2013, 2157
Cool vehicle that might convince people who currently drive SUVs to convert to electric! They showed a prototype in 2012 and predict actual production in 2015....
Also keep in mind that this is based on the Model S platform and will be even more expensive. Have 70 grand you can lend me so I can get one????;)