View Full Version : Empulse 1000 mile trip log

20 October 2013, 1104
Recently I rode my Brammo Empulse on a 1000 mile round trip and wrote a log that has some humor in it. And some decent photos of beautiful California fall countryside. I've included a list of all the charging points I used between San Francisco and Ventura where I got a Bill Mayer Saddle to replace the torture device called a stock seat. Photos of the seat at the end.

HINT: If you'd like to see the photos as they were intended, DOWNLOAD the file (it's Adobe Acrobat .pdf and is free of viruses) from the down arrow in the upper left, and then open it on your computer. Otherwise, if you choose only to view the file online, Google WILL compress the photos horribly into mangled cartoons of the real thing.


20 October 2013, 1119
What a great ride. Looking forward to my first cross country trip in the near future. Such an adventure at these early stages.