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08 November 2013, 1526
Yamaha showed off three new electric motorcycles/scooters at the 2013 Tokyo Motorcycle Show. But apparently they are concepts meant to generate interest in their brand. Yamaha still doesn't seem willing to market a production EV, though. :confused:

http://rideapart.com/2013/11/yamaha-2013-tokyo-motor-show-concepts/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+HellForLeather+%28Hell+For+Le ather%29

08 November 2013, 1630
I like the looks of that PES1.

10 November 2013, 1202
As they say "you snooze you loose", again the opportunity to make a future investment for new riders.

11 November 2013, 0840
Here is another article about the Yamaha prototype e-bikes, along with their press release providing a few more details: http://www.autoblog.com/2013/11/11/yamaha-motorcycles-toyko-2013/

27 November 2013, 2052
Nice video of the PES1 in action. Looks like a lot of fun. Would be cool if Yamaha brings their electric concepts to all of the remaining Progressive International Motorcycle Shows.


27 November 2013, 2310
Man, I really can't stand the Gen-Y, A.D.D. editing style you see in this type of video and in modern 'made for guys' tv shows. With all the whip pans, and flash edits, you don't get a good look at the bike at all.

(where's the crotchety old man emoticon?) :mad:

28 November 2013, 0043
If they bring them to my local mc show in December, I'll take some good 360 video for ya. Maybe this next video will help fill in some of voids from the quick edits? There are some slow-motion shots and some more sustained views starting about :35.


Edit... Guess I can leave my camera at home as someone already did a pretty good walk around video from the Tokyo Motor Show.


28 November 2013, 0822
Where did they put the batteries, again? That PES1 "Experimental" seems to have more holes in it than my wallet. :confused:

23 April 2014, 1404
I never thought I would see the day, but this report says that Yamaha will be producing their PES1 and PED1 electric motorcycles - in 2016. They look great, but will be down on performance compared with the latest Brammo and Zero models by the time they are introduced: http://www.autoblog.com/2014/04/23/yamaha-pes1-ped1-electric-motorcycles-production/

23 April 2014, 2025
Wow, that would be great to see Yamaha get into the elmoto market.

They will definitely have to go faster than 62 mph to appeal to the non-scooter crowd. But 221 lb? That's 140 lb less than the the lightest Zero S, and half the weight of the ZF11.4 and Empulse. It would be a very different bike. But since no word on range, it could have a 1 kWh battery and a range of 10 miles...

24 April 2014, 0801
More interesting information, videos and e-stuff from Yamaha here. I note that the removable battery module looks a lot like the Zero FX (and my power tank) module, so it is probably around 3 to 4 kWh (the article says that the bikes are good for an hour of riding). The two motorcycles really look fancy, but I wonder how much of that cool stuff (note the seat on the street bike) will make it into production? There is also mention of some sort of transmission that can be switched from manual to automatic operation. :confused: In addition to the two motorcycles, there is also a concept e-scooter (not all that nice looking, another group of designers must have worked on this project), an e-mini-bike and a very lightweight e-bicycle. I give Yamaha credit for thinking outside of their typical box, now all they have to do is bring the concepts to market and up the performance a bit if they want to sell them to more than just collectors of industrial art. :rolleyes:


24 April 2014, 0825
Like the "air seat".

28 April 2014, 1446
It seems they have clarified their previous statement. :-)

"Note: There has been a change in the time frame with regard to the launch of EV sports motorcycles.

Previous: in two years
Current: in the near future"


A 221 pound, 60 mph moto, with four speed box, could have a 4 kWh pack, and a 40 mile range. This 124 pound homebuilt has lights, motorcycle wheels/tires, 2.4 kWh pack, and a 9 speed gearbox.


Granted, it is not running the motor through the V-boxx,


but Yamaha should be able to figure out how to make their 4 speed, with half the gears, at this weight, and strong enough to handle 8-10 kw.

This would be all the moto I would ever use.