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20 November 2013, 1614
Lit Motors are back and with a new product. No gyros in this vehicle, just a big hole. Guess what? They are looking for financing. See the video and article here:

http://rideapart.com/2013/11/lit-motors-kubo-load-carrying-electric-scooter/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+HellForLeather+%28Hell+For+Le ather%29

21 November 2013, 2229
They're not doing themselves any favours in the 'Looking for financing' department by publishing that terrible 'here's us with the prototype' photo. Serious investors are looking for professionals, not 3 scruffy bros in a garage.

I wish them good luck though, it's actually a pretty cool urban transport concept.

21 November 2013, 2332
I think it's a fantastic idea. I also like the name of the company, and the grass-roots development crew picture. I've got a friend with an electric cargo bicycle that is a similar concept, but rather than a big square cut-out for cargo, it's more like a giant wheel-barrow tub that can also seat passengers.

24 December 2013, 1636
City Bike magazine finally got to visit the Lit Motors HQ where they interviewed Lit's Chief Marketing Manager, Ryan James. They saw and photographed their $100K C1 "prop", which was made by the same Hollywood company that makes props for movies like Tron and Oblivion and is designed to "create a showroom experience". Lit claims that the C1 will weigh 800 pounds, have a top speed of 100 mph and will travel 200 miles on a charge from its 8 kWh battery pack. The price of the C1 will be $24,000 and deliveries are expected to commence in late 2014.

Lit expects to manufacture and sell 1000 C1's a year. They say that they don't plan to make any money on the vehicle during the initial years of production. They have leased a building for their proposed factory somewhere in San Francisco and have selected a Li-ion battery supplier, but there is currently no battery delivery date. They don't know if the monocoque body will be made of steel or some other material, like hand-formed fiberglass. City Bike notes that 12 months isn't lot of time to set up a factory, order tooling, train workers, work out the supply chain and a thousand other details". The magazine says that they wouldn't invest in the company, but if they produce a working production prototype they are willing to give it a try. To date, Lit has filed for 14 patents and has been granted 3.