View Full Version : Kawasaki Concept J

20 November 2013, 1616
Everyone is jumping on the EV concept bandwagon. Here is Kawasaki's idea. I am not sure I would want to be caught dead riding this thing. :O

http://rideapart.com/2013/11/kawasaki-concept-j/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+HellForLeather+%28Hell+For+Le ather%29

13 December 2013, 0851
Kawasaki has come up with a silly video showing the features of their J Concept vehicle. Apparently, they don't have a running example to show off so they need to do the Tron thing. However, what I found interesting is the statement that the J Concept was made to showcase their "GIGACELL" "high-capacity nickel-metal hydride battery technology". What is up with that? I thought that technology was out and Lithium was in? :confused: