View Full Version : 2013 Zero S Rider magazine test

08 December 2013, 1509
Rider magazine, in the January issue, has a 4-page (almost) full test of the 2013 Zero 11.4 S (better late than never, I guess), starting on page 48. Unfortunately, the test does not contain their usual dyno run chart. The review is mostly positive, but they did complain about the Zero's poor rear brake, hard seat and soft, under-damped, suspension. "Wet weight" (I assume measured on their scales) is listed as 392 pounds. Top speed is given as 95 mph and their testing provided a range of 85 miles at 55 mph and 100 miles combined around town and on highways in ECO mode. In sport mode the bike traveled 75 miles, which included several top-seed runs, about 30 miles of twisty canyon roads, including yanking the throttle open from stops and on the highway as much as possible. Other than these comments, the article pretty much regurgitated the Zero specifications and model description.