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10 December 2013, 1531
Agility Global is bringing the Saietta R to the U.S. (http://green.autoblog.com/2013/12/10/agility-saietta-r-clean-cool-colorado-video/) Although some may be taken aback by its looks, it really has a lot to offer. Performance puts it in with the Zero SR, but with purportedly better handling. It's supposed to be getting faster components and may get battery options as large as 20 kWh.

The company is also planning on a few more models that might look a bit more traditional. Naked and cruiser, to start.


Mike Edwards
10 December 2013, 1617
There is an awful lot of rhetoric spoken about this bike, mainly by the manufacturer.

It's already significantly more expensive than the Zero and the handling is going to be 'interesting' given the front end. The quality of some of the components, including the shock, should concern people.

I would really like to see it do well but I think they've spent too much time developing version one of the bike when they should have spent the time bringing version two to market.

22 December 2013, 0801
Here is a short review of the Agility Motors Saietta R published by Motor Cycle News: