View Full Version : Empluse Pre-orders

23 September 2010, 1550

In the article, Bramscher mentions that they have more than $6 million in pre-orders.
That is around 500 - 600 pre-orders. Brammo is expecting the pre-orders to hit 1000 by the end of September? That seems unreasonable if the numbers Bramscher is quoting is recent and is accurate.

23 September 2010, 1557
Just keep in mind that a pre-order is not an order and is definetly not a sale. Tesla had over 1500 reservations for their first year and then had to scramble to finally sell 600! (They are now over 1000 sold.) This concept of reserving a spot in production is new to the industry and we'll see what that translates into real sales.

30 September 2010, 0133
I know I will be ordering mine. In white no less :)