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31 December 2013, 1142

31 December 2013, 1431
I just noticed the same report in the business section of my newspaper. A lot of other business deductions are going by the wayside too. They think Congress will reinstate the deductions retroactively later this year, as they have done in the past - but there is no guarantee of that. All of my congressional representatives like this EV credit but they won't be casting the deciding votes.

01 January 2014, 1653
...or, you can allow the merits of electric vehicles to stand on their own and not seek favoritism from Big Brother at the expense of other taxpayers.

01 January 2014, 1656
OK... Then stop subsidizing oil and see how well I've vehicles do....

01 January 2014, 1839
In my opinion, a burgeoning technology that will have widespread benefits if more widely adopted is worth giving a push to. EVs fit that description. Its not taking advantage of other taxpayers to follow the path that Congress laid out by its exercise of their power over the pursestrings.

01 January 2014, 2355
...or, you can allow the merits of electric vehicles to stand on their own and not seek favoritism from Big Brother at the expense of other taxpayers.

Way to go troll guy with one post that joined the forum today just to add an uninformed opinion. Doesn't hold much value, especially since you won't even sign your name. If you don't think EV's are a good idea and deserve at least a tiny portion of the subsidies that Big Oil gets at the taxpayers expense, then why are you here? Please go troll somewhere else.

02 January 2014, 0833
The article that I saw about the expiration of the EV tax credit (including cars and motorcycles) said that it cost the government only $1 million last year. This seems too little to me, but that is what was in the article. If that is the case, then that has got to be about the smallest tax break in the IRS tax code. :D No doubt Big Oil gets tax breaks totaling in the billions of dollars. :rolleyes:

In any case, tax credit or no, I will continue to buy and ride electric motorcycles. They are just is just too much fun, too practical, have too few maintenance needs (compared with any IC vehicle), too convenient to operate and cost too little to run, compared with any other form of transportation other than a bicycle. Plus, I never have to go to a dirty, stinky, expensive gas station to refuel. :D

22 January 2014, 1451
I wonder if this is in response to the loss of the tax credit, or just slow sales?


22 January 2014, 1531
I wonder if the tax credit actually expired or was "accidentally" renewed when the budget was passed last week?

I received the Brammo sale email too. My thought is that it is in response to Zero's new bikes, with their price reductions on models that are comparable with their 2013 range. I also found it interesting that Brammo still had Empulse R bikes available. I thought those were a limited run that were sold out last summer. :confused: Also, I sure would be interested to know how many Empulses were sold last year, now that we know Zero made 667 total motorcycles during the past 26 months. It sure doesn't look like the electric motorcycle market is a very big one, which explains why the major manufacturers have not yet entered the field. If BMW waits any longer to introduce their e-scooter, whatever demand there is for such a vehicle in the U.S. is likely to be completely dried up this year, by Brammo and Zero sales, whose top of the range vehicles likely outperform the BMW scooter in all respects. I keep thinking that BMW was just fooling around with the scooter as a test bed for their EV car technology. :confused:

31 January 2014, 0800
Empulse R is definitely not a limited run. R and E1 are two distinct models.

Icon Spec32 is a limited run.