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03 January 2014, 1741

Australian Electric Superbikes - TV Series

Forget everything you know about electric vehicles and take a ride with Victor Fenech on his journey to understand Electric Superbike racing. This four-part TV series offers you a glimpse at a racing future where every second counts. A future where there are no predefined rules and no off-the-shelf solutions.

Built by independent privateers on a fledgling budget in workshops across the country, these electric machines are competing at 600cc racing speeds.

This amazing accomplishment is backed by the passion and dedication of a small but growing number of electrical engineers whose challenge is to build the ultimate, electric racer.

Visit the official Facebook page to see production stills from each of the episodes. This series will be broadcast in February 2014 on TV Sydney and will be available on DVD soon after.


03 January 2014, 1753
Great production quality, as usual.