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30 January 2014, 0828
Last night on the CBS national TV news at around 6:53 pm PST, there was a short report about the first Porsche vehicle. It looked just like a large horse-drawn buckboard but was powered by batteries and an electric motor. The vehicle was made in 1898. Other than showing a photo of the "vehicle", which apparently still exists, there was no other information provided. To me it was an interesting piece of history, but it sure didn't look like a 911S.

30 January 2014, 0908

"The 2,977-pound vehicle had a reported range of 49 miles, and could briefly reach a top speed of 21 mph when in "overdrive" mode, which extracted a full 5 hp from the motor."

If we had stuck to 21 mph EVs we would all be a hell of a lot better off now.

30 January 2014, 1029
Not a bad performance for the era and it was likely more reliable than any other IC vehicle of the time.

30 January 2014, 1322
Porsche P1 500 kg battery 44 cell (88V?) 120 Ah = 10.6 kWh

Lead acid, so probably good for 6-8 kWh actual capacity. @ 8 kWh, 16 Wh/kg

Tesla Model S 85 kWh 600 kg battery, 142 Wh/kg