17 February 2014, 1227
just saw that one on Kickstarter:

No idea if this is just vaporware or what, they are looking for 100'000 usd, based in California,

they claim to use only 200 watts when a normal motor would use 2'000 watts , to pump water. :confused:

17 February 2014, 1346
Well in normal condition when they say it draw 2200W, the conditions of the pump is when it is driving a lot of conduits, reducer, "Y" and water jet thru the Hot tub hydraulic circuit.. so there is some restriction that increase the load !!...

In their exemple they compare with a simple bath filled with water and two simple 2" hoses.... I think that they compare orange and apples unfortunately...


17 February 2014, 1415
The 2nd video "shows" the test they performed with both motors with the bath tub. It is interesting but I think not as significant as he thinks.

17 February 2014, 1440
Yes, a swiched reluctance motor can be more efficient than an induction motor. Yes, a SR motor can be cheaper in principle than an induction motor. But, the math doesn't add up. Think about what they are claiming in terms of efficiency Typical induction motor is in the 85 to 90 % efficiency range. A SR could theoretecally reach the 90 to 97% range. Taking some conservative numbers, You might be able to improve the system efficiency by 10 percent. Does not add up that I can replace a 2000W motor with a 200W motor.....

And by the way, the controls for a simple system like the water moving example are dirt cheap (one cap, one diode and one relay) for an induction motor and expensive for an SR. That's why they are a specialty motor and the world is dominated by induction motors.

17 February 2014, 1540
The techniques are laughable. If you wanted to compare power used to pump the water he should be using a well calibrated flow meter and have both motors pumping the same rate, not some dick placing a hose in a bucket.

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