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03 March 2014, 1400
Wes rides some hold-on-tight torque:


03 March 2014, 1444
Did someone mention "no gearbox"? :O

03 March 2014, 1445
I'm of two minds about wes. Anyone that's rides a bike - regardless of what powers it - and takes it beyond what range it has left, then has the ordacity
to complain about it's range looses all credability.

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03 March 2014, 1522
Did someone mention "no gearbox"? :O

Oh no he di'nt!

04 March 2014, 0334
"No matter how fast and friendly a bike gets, it still won’t make you a fast rider. Eric passed me on the inside of a corner, on a Ninja 250, while waving."

This is not a situation in which a motorcycle reviewer should EVER find themselves - this guy clearly cannot ride a motorcycle to save his life!

04 March 2014, 0803
(psst. your "squid" is showing. :O) lmao

Give Eric a moped and he'll thrash about anybody's ass - on anything they're riding - with it.

..but thanks for posting that, it kept me from continuing to read the (even sillier) comments on the story. :D

lol - I'm gonna go ahead and assume that you know one or both of these guys Ted - but I ain't retracting the point. :p
..and those little 250's would doubtless be great fun on track - but the day ever comes that I get overtaken by one whilst sitting on a race prepped superbike spec machine on any track bigger than a basketball court, then I'm burning my leathers! :rolleyes:

04 March 2014, 0932
I thought the Brammo is a street bike set up on slicks?

Its good to see some reviews, even though I haven't seen reviews in a while.


04 March 2014, 1043
I think the line to focus on is the very first one "So, on a track, with a full race crew in support, on Dunlop’s best SBK-spec slicks, was this the fastest, best handling bike I’ve ever ridden? Yes it was."

Say what you will about Wes, he has ridden a lot of bikes.

To keep that in context, Brammo started selling the Enertia in 2009. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brammo_Enertia) 5 years from meh to holy crap.

05 March 2014, 1050
I get the impression we're going to remain at odds on this point Ted, enjoy your beer. ;)

05 March 2014, 1127
That's pretty well known. I read about a trackday at Anderstorp (longest track in Sweden, ex F1). A kid (14 years old) on a Ninja 250 was running faster than all of the 1000cc street guys. They were almost crying. Only guys competing in roadracing with 600 or 1000cc were faster. I just compared my own times on 600cc to what the kids competing on Ninja 250's run, and I'm about 10 sec slower per lap. After 2-3 days of practice, I could probably run within 2 seconds behind the kids, but I would probably have to practice for a full season to become 2 seconds faster than them.

05 March 2014, 1228
I'd love to talk about the bike, and whether it's as fast as Wes says it is. Here are a couple of vids.

Pro racer Steve Atlas taking on 600s at PIR. Seems to be keeping up, actually pulling ahead on some of the straights.


Eric Bostrom and Shane Turpin at Laguna. The announcer says the lap time is 1:32.927. For comparison, here is a list of pro qualifying times (http://www.roadracingworld.com/news/dominguez-breaks-lap-record-takes-provisional-ama-pro-supersport-pole-position-at-mazda-raceway-laguna-seca/) for 600s at Laguna. A 1:32.9 would be right in the middle of the pack.


05 March 2014, 1301
"Turpin's best lap time, 1:32.516"

Which would actually put him at position 13 out of 50 on the grid, in the supersport race you linked to. That's good!

I don't know how much a rider can cut with more time on a bike. But I imagine it's at least half a second, probably a full. The guys in the supersport race should have a lot more time on their bikes already.

05 March 2014, 1315
The guys in the supersport race should have a lot more time on their bikes already.

And one girl (Shelina Moreda, who also rides for Brammo when she's not racing ICE).

Just sayin'.

05 March 2014, 1413
And one girl (Shelina Moreda, who also rides for Brammo when she's not racing ICE).

Just sayin'.
Noah, shssssshhh, you'll get Ted all excited again and we don't want that do we.........?

05 March 2014, 1532
Not what I was saying at all, but read into it what you will.


05 March 2014, 1711
I'm hesitant to respond, since you made it pretty clear "about the last thing I'd bother doing is defending Wes, he's more than able to do that for himself"...but anyway...

There seemed to be some dispute about Wes's riding skills and/or experience (not from me - in fact the opposite (http://www.elmoto.net/showthread.php?3462-RR-Ride-Review&p=43227&viewfull=1#post43227)). The two videos and comments from me were to show that what he said about the bike being fast were exactly right. If we must mince words, read it as "some of you may question Wes, but what he says about the bike being fast is spot on."

I didn't notice the first page before, thanks for pointing that out.

05 March 2014, 2056
(Who, by the way back East here in Boston, is what's known as a "woman".)

I was just using the term Shelina uses. I guess you could take it up with her.


As much as I'd love to debate the finer points of the modern feminist lexicon, or what I actually think of Wes Siler (to be honest, I love that he's such an advocate for elmotos, otherwise, not much of a strong opinion)...right now I'd rather be talking about what appears to be an awesome electric motorcycle.

06 March 2014, 0044
I would rather be setting up cool rides when this weather improves.

06 March 2014, 0056
Oh right...RIDING. There's a concept.

06 March 2014, 0732
That list is 100% bunk.

Either they include non-production bikes like that turbine bike and some random hopped-up hayabusa, or they don't.

If they do, then there are tons of drag bikes that would blow the top speed of half the list away at the end of a quarter mile drag.

Not to mention the Tomahawk in particular is a rolling sculpture. I doubt it's seen over 100 mph, let alone over 300.

Besides, the list is pretty old or else is simply incomplete. The Empulse RR and a bunch of other bikes would bump some of these off the list: duc 1099, BMW s1000rr, kawa zx10r, etc.

AFAIK Wes has ridden many of the newer faster bikes. I'll accept that a bike is fast if he says it is fast.

06 March 2014, 0835
That list is 100% bunk.

I think the list is representative of of a range of top speed bikes. Since the Brammo RR is not a production model it fits nicely with the other "non production" bikes on that list. Somewhere around 2000/2001 the government here put a limit on how fast the top speed can be on a production motorcycle, that speed is 186mph. The reason for this was the grudge match going on between the ZX14(not on the list) and the Hayabusa.

Out of curiosity has Brammo done any top speed stuff like Bonneville or the Maxton Mile etc? I haven't found any info on that and I would really like to see them do some drag racing and salt flat stuff if they haven't done so already.

06 March 2014, 1021
Have to say, it's nice to have data to back me up. Thanks. :D