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30 April 2014, 0937
By Domenick Yoney
Posted Apr 30, 2014 on AutoblogGreen

The Saroléa SP7 is an electric carbon-fiber phoenix on a mission from the gods of speed and industry. Just revealed to the public Saturday, it will soon take to the Isle of Man where it will battle the best battery bikes yet built for the 2014 TT Zero trophy. It will also relaunch a Belgian brand that, though it had an eight-decade record of producing motorcycles, has been dormant for the past 50 years.

Read the full article HERE (http://green.autoblog.com/2014/04/30/sarolea-resurrects-itself-with-carbon-fiber-electric-motorcycle/).


30 April 2014, 0946
I just came to post this, too. http://www.asphaltandrubber.com/bikes/sarolea-sp7/

09 May 2014, 1618

This looks like they have an electronically adjustable suspension.

09 May 2014, 1811
This bike is so awesome it gets two threads :) :)


07 July 2014, 1436
I was just looking at pictures of this bike from introduction to its most recent event at Spa (http://www.bikersclassics.be/?q=en/news/sarolea-sp7-guest-honor-bikers%E2%80%99classics) to see if there have been any visible developments. Apart from them bolting on a taller windshield for the races, I noticed two large wires on the right side of the bike running its full length and curving over the swing arm (see photos below).
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Considering it is covering some of their sponsor stickers and they are being held together with cable ties, I would think it is a temporary arrangement but other than main battery power I can't think of what would need a pair of cables that size.

06 February 2015, 1019
There was a really interesting 6-page article on the SP7 in the January edition of Performance Bikes (http://www.performancebikes.co.uk/) in the UK, written by Renaud Amand, who runs the Belgian magazine Motorijder. Apparently, in running at the IoM the team found they needed to fit an extra radiator. I suspect that what you see are the pipes going from the radiator to cool the motor; with the existing pipes, which I read somewhere were made of carbon fibre, used to cool the controller. The pictures in the PB article also show that they’ve now moved the pipes so they don’t obscure the sponsors’ logos anymore.


06 February 2015, 1204
That looks like a well-sorted racer. :D